Train to be a teacher with us

Middleton in Teesdale Academy is a part of the North East Learning Trust, which means we have a stream of wonderful, high-quality teachers educated by our inhouse training arm: North East SCITT. We love nurturing our own talent from across the North East, and we are proud of the diverse trainees from all backgrounds who pass through our doors.

If you’ve ever considered going into teaching, whether you’re fresh out of university or considering a career change, we may be the perfect place for you.

Why train at North East SCITT? 

100% of our trainees would recommend us, and considering we take on over 90 primary and secondary trainees a year, that’s something to be proud of! Not only that, but 97% of our trainees were rated good or outstanding, and 95% secured a teaching position in the North East after completing our course.  

SCITT training starts in school from day one, meaning you are exposed to outstanding teachers (and excitable children!) from the outset. Being constantly absorbed in a school environment means you can start building up the skills you need to become an incredible teacher before your placements start. But don’t worry, we ensure you have a perfect balance between study and hands-on experience and we will not put you into a teaching environment before you are ready. 

We have a team of dedicated mentors, subject experts, pastoral support, and administrators to make your journey with us as smooth as possible. We support you every step of the way, right through from your application to us to your application for your first teaching role, so please give us a call if you have any questions! 

How do I apply? 

We take applications throughout the year via ‘Apply for teacher training’ at Our cohorts start in September, and last for 10 months. Courses can be funded in the same way as a university degree, and there are bursaries available for certain subjects. 

Find out how to apply here